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Plan Highlights:

  • Checks freshness dates
  • Making a grocery list
  • Comparative shopping
  • Uses plastic bags to protect purchases
  • Uses scales to weigh produce
  • Courtesy while shopping
  • Requesting assistance from store personnel
  • Proper handling of store goods
  • Selecting the correct size of clothing
  • Using coupons and other discount devices
  • Returning defective products
  • Understanding contracts
  • Accumulation of household goods

Shopping is an essential and weekly part of the clients’ life in acquiring basic necessities like food, personal care products and services. The client will need to learn or be supported in making the right purchases with the limited resources that will be available to them.

Clients are instructed on comparative shopping and the use of coupons and other devices to lessen their expenses. They are also supported in knowing where to shop based on the items that are needed and where they can get the same types of goods and services at a lower price.

Our counselors will also instruct the client on shopping protocol, which includes proper handling of goods, importance of receipts and the process of returning defective products.

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