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Esperanza at a Glance

At A Glance

For ten years Esperanza Services has been supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. We began in 1996 where we worked from a small office at the Alhambra Complex offering services to a handful of consumers. By hard work, word of mouth, the number of people we served began to grow. By 2001, we had 40 consumers and, by 2004, we were serving over 100 consumers and had 42 employees on staff while also providing shelter and housing services to approximately 45 families.

We now serve more than 150 consumers and have 50 employees on our staff.

We make a difference in the lives our clients. For example, we lovingly guided a young 18 year old woman to make a fresh start with her life. She was a teen runaway and felt no one cared for her. Esperanza helped her stand on her own two feet to obtain a home and be independent.

In another case, a survivor of domestic violence found support at Esperanza Services. Slowly she was able to leave her husband and find a place on her own. For her, we are a place that she can turn to in times of need.

Over and over again, our consumers have found that there is a place that respects them as individuals and helps them in times of need. In the end, they are empowered as individuals and begin to live independent lives.

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